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Santa Isabel


Location Description:

This is a small group of 3 homes with very exquisite taste. Each home has a total area of 248.58 square meters (including the porch and interior patio) and they are built on 14 by 18 (252m2) meters plots.

Finishing Details:

All 3 houses will be delivered with floors, doors, wood details, fountains, hydraulic pump for the cistern, closets, kitchen cabinets, windows, etc.

The houses have high quality finishes, for example the floor is quarry tile imported from South America, it requires less maintenance and its quality is higher. The doors are made out of Caoba, the kitchen cabinets are also made out of Caoba, the kitchen top is made with hand painted tile, so is the tile in the bathrooms. Ceilings are sealed with water proof sealant in between the pantile with 30 year warranty product.

There is wood everywhere in the whole house, a chimney in the living room and in the master bedroom, colonial style domes, calicanto walls, pleasant indirect lightning and more.

The houses are connected to municipal water with right to 1/2 paja of water.
Each house has it’s own independent cistern and pump.
The sewerage system is also connected to the municipalities sewerage.
The electric meter is outside the complex and the connection is subterranean.