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About Us

We are a Real Estate Boutique Company. We offer high quality services in Guatemala. We also have great experience representing great luxurious residential projects. We have a lot of experience, we are meticulous and we always look forward to give you the best investment.

We work for people looking for their first or second home, for urban developers, constructors. Investors who are looking for a good return on investment. We work for people in and out the country looking for a better lifestyle in Antigua Guatemala. And we help the people who are looking to sell their properties, lands, homes, apartments or even positions on malls.

We care, we value our clients interest, we have better options and we are looking for a long term relationship with you. We have the experience and we’re also investors so we understand better our clients. We understand that each client is unique, so we offer a custom service for each and one of them and we look beyond our self interest.

We do all for you, we evaluate your possible investment, we help you quicken the bank process, and by doing that we help you save a lot of time by giving you all you need so you can make an investment as soon as possible. And for developers, we shorten the time in which you recover your capital.

Founded in 2003 by the sales executive Zeph Conroy M Mc, we have created a great company at the top of ther market of Real Etate in Guatemala, our goal is for our clients to receive the best service in the industry. We go beyond than anybody else.